Ubi Ganyong | Edible Canna - [Live Plant]
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Live Plant in polybag

Height = 1 ft 

Ubi Ganyong is a beautiful -red flowering edible canna lily.

Canna plants are grown for ornament. However, this one special variety from canna species -is edible! Canna edulis or sometimes found listed as Canna indica commonly known as Achira, Indian shot, African arrowroot & purple arrowroot. 

The rhizomes are starchy. The outer layer is redish (some people say it 'purplish'). It can be steamed or baked like a potato and can be eaten just at it. The groud rhizomes is made into an arrowroot-like powder for thicken foods.

The Edible Canna has beautiful lush dark-green leaves striped with red. This herbaceous plant producing clump of stems and can grow up to 3 metres tall. This plant can tolerate to different type of soil (except too sandy & too wet) and  need less maintenance.

In Malaysia, Ubi Ganyong is quite a lesser-known as edible tubers compared to sweet potato, cassava etc. In some other Southeast Asia country, especially in Vietnam, this canna is used as a starch source by passing through some older methods for making cellophane noodles. So, if you are looking for more 'member' for your edible garden, you can count it in. :)